Traditional Mayan Sealing Ceremony

¨Postpartum Treatment¨ ¨Traditional Mayan Sealing Ceremony¨

The Postpartum Treatment is a treatment that takes 2 to 4 sessions, starting from the most basic and soft way to the most deep and strong healing. This treatment if covers the physical body, energy body and emotional body, and it works through the complete healing of the Traditional Mayan Closing Ceremony.

The first meeting usually take around 2hr and the 3rd and 4rd takes around 3-4hrs, as we advance as the own healing of the body moves by itself.

The treatment depends of every woman, as birth and time postpartum, so every herbal bath and treatment are designed to the specific mom.


* Ancestral Mayan treatment for postpartum (Bones-Hip close): Physical, emotional and energetic treatment that includes:


-Vaginal Steams

-Bath with herbal preparation

-Restoration of the energy in different levels.

-Use of Sauna or Sweat Lodge

-Closing the body with rebozos

-Energy balance with the use of quartz and Mayan-energy healing.

-Sharing the Birth story, meditation and small supply.


Price: 185e just one time

350e two times

       150e after two times if you feel like the need of more.