The Sacredneds Of The Placental Medicines

Date(s) - 26/07/2019 - 28/07/2019
12:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Hi dear Ladies 💗
Is my lovely pleasure to start this courses in Finland and share this traditional and modernd medicine that is so important to remember and expand around us.

I started to understand the deep meaning of the Placenta many years ago and as more as I learned as more as I understand deeper this Sacred Organ, of course many medicine women and men had teaching me a lot about the placenta and it’s being Part of my sacred path as medicine woman.

The course is for women that wanna learn how to take care of the placenta from a spiritual perspective, but also we are gonna talk about some scientific perspective, focusing in researches that prove and evidence the properties of the placenta to make medicines. So either if you are working with Placentas as Midwife or Doula or if you have had your own placenta in the freezer and you wanna do something meaningful with it, this is the perfect place to do it.

The topics that we will see during the workshop are:

What’s the Placental
*Physiology of the Placenta
*Traditions and myths about the Placenta
*What’s Placental Medicine
*Biosecurity techniques to work with the placenta.
*Management of the Placenta
*Restrictions to use the Placenta for Medicines.

Placenta and spirituality:
*Lotus Birth
*Rituals to honor the placenta
*Healing my connection with my placenta

7 different ways of using the placenta as medicine:
*Placenthophagy and science
*Placenta and Art
*Placental encapsulation
*Placental Amulets
*Placental patches
*Placental chocolates
*Placental oils

*Closings Ceremony.

The Course will be hold by Brenda Miquiztli:
She is a medicine woman from México, who resides in Finland.
She has been spreading her knowledge about female wisdom and sacred feminine energy, and also about Ancestral Mexican Wisdom in Finland, Sweden and Mexico for the last 5 years and Online around the world.

She started to work with traditional natural medicines and energy about 20years ago, with shamanic practices 15 years ago, in the awakening of female wisdom 6years ago, and as a professional Doula of Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum 3 years ago.

During her path many medicine women and men, had guiding her and initiating her in different traditions, as the red path, Tibetan Buddhism and the rainbow path, all of them in traditional ways, and also in many other New ways to work with energies and understand the path back to the heart in unity and humility.

She is a Prehispanic traditional Mexican Dancer (13 years), a Fire keeper in the Mexican Ancient Tradition (11 years), Keeper of the Sacred Pipe, Guardian of Sweat Lodge, Traditional Moon Dancer, Holistic Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, Placental medicine therapist, Energy therapist, accompaniment of female process and a Veterinarian Medic.

Her Work and Vision Is fully to inspire others to reconnect with the sacred powers of life, and take our responsibility to take care of the cycle of ”life-death-life” and honor it, with respect, love and humility.

“I feel very deep that I´m doing what my soul loves to do, feeling that what I do is just an extension of my heart, part of my path and my purpose of life. Serving and learning with you, is making me feel joy, and a great sense of freedom as is providing me the right environment to grow and create a beautiful thrive in a circle”

To enroll:
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Normal Price: 210e
Closing enroll: 19.07.2019
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