Full Moon Sweatlodge-Sisterhood

Date(s) - 17/08/2019
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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“Sweat Lodge-Temazcalli for Women”
“Opening Our Heart-Purifing Our Soul”

Welcome sisters to this Sacred Ceremony called “Temazcalliđź’—” (Sweat Lodge).

An Ancestral and Native Healing Ceremony that will Connect us with the Spirits of the Elements, our Ancestors, Guides, and other Sacred Energies into the Sacred Womb of the Mother Earth “Temazcalli” (Sweat lodge) in conjunction with the Spirit of Our Sacred Fire.

This temazcalli is gonna be a healing trip to the sacred darkness, warm and weat womb of our Mother Earth, to purify our body, our spirit, our mind and our energy.

Also this is a beautiful opportunity to make honor to life, give thanks for everything that you have and had, to let go of the things that doesn’t serve anymore to your path.

In the temazcalli We reborn with more clarity, with a new energy and we detox our being from many different energies. With the time we learn more about ourselves and our connections get stronger with the powers of life and the inner Wisdom withinđź’—

During this ceremony, everybody is gonna be part of it, everybody will help with the preparation of the space, the preparation of the sacred fire, the althar, the food, singing, drumming and creating the Ceremony together in a circle and unity with all the sacred elements that are need it.

Preparation: please keep very well hydrated (more than usual), recommended 3lts of water a day, starting four days before the ceremony.
Avoid consuming meats, processed foods, stimulants (coffee, sugar, etc.), alcohol, tobacco and any type of narcotic drugs.
Avoid the use of sacred plants on the day of temazcal.

Health issues contraindicated to enter to the Temazcal:
Internal conditions that affect the thermoregulation of the organism.
Hypertension or Hypotension (you can come if you are taking your medicines)
Cardiac dysfunction
Chronic respiratory dysfunctions
Thrombosis History
Renal problems (Depends of the conditions)
Pregnancy (avoid it before tree months pregnancy)
Chronic schizophrenia
Chronic claustrophobia
Advanced Diabetes
Recent Surgery
In case of consuming medicaments please let me know, so I can indicate you which is the best option.

What to Bring:
Please bring a swimsuit, flip-flops, shorts, or skirt, one towel to dry yourself and another more to seat on into the sweatlodge, a plastic bag to carry your wet clothes, a bottle of water, something to share with everyone and for the altar, such as fruits, vegetables, juices, vegan foods, etc. A plate for you to eat later, a cup for the tea and cacao, your instruments if you like to accompany us with music inside or outside the temazcal (drum and rattle inside and guitar, etc, outside), amulets, stones, or instruments of power that you would like to share in the altar of the temazcal.

The temazcal will be led by Brenda Miquiztli, guardian of women’s circles and temazcal medicine, placental therapist, doula, fire keeper, breastfeeding counselor, companion and guide of feminine healing processes, Crystal therapist, Reiki, Akashik Records, Female Energy Reprogramations Healing, Natural Ginecology, Natural Medicines and Vibratinal Medicines, Veterinarian.

Facilitator of women’s circles, workshops, ceremonies and healings in Finland, Sweden, Mexico and Online around our Mother Earth đź’— Part of the academic sisterhood of the “School of Witches of Light”, Administrator and co-creator of the facebook groups “Sacred Womb” and “Dancing with the Moon” and entrepreneur in “Holistic Ancestral and Sacred Healing Ixchel”

The temazcal Includes: Ceremony, Medicines like Tobacco, Copal, Myrra, etc, for the sweatlodge and the prayers, Tea, Cacao, fruits.
Space limited to 12 sisters.
Children Welcome.
Price: 40e
Sisters with low incoming write a private message.
Last Day to Enroll 15.08

To Register: brendaanleu15@gmail.com